Cool and Funky Ideas for Teen Room Walls

Idées cool et funky pour murs de la salle de l'adolescence

Teens generally know what they want when it comes to their bedroom decor. Compromise with your teen and allow her to decorate her walls with a cool and funky design, as long as you can handle it. Set firm ground rules on ideas that are too much for you but give him some latitude to be creative and decorate his room in order to reflect his personality.

Color can have a huge impact on making a simple and boring room and turn it into a cool and funky space that is suitable for your teen and friends. Choose a bright color, like aqua, or a combination of colors, such as lime green and purple, to paint the walls. If the color frightens you, designate a wall as an accent wall and apply the vibrant color on this wall. If your teenager insists on black walls and you can not bear the thought, compromise. Consider letting it paint a wall a dark shade of gray if it uses bright colors to contrast with gray, such as red or white.

The cool and cool words were commonly used in the 1960s, making it an ideal theme for a funky retro room. Ask your teenager to identify his favorite part of the retro culture and use it on the walls. For example, glossy paint, colorful daisies using a range of bright pink, yellow, orange and lime green colors or paint a tie-dye or psychedelic pattern. Hang curtains of colored pearls, if the paint of the walls is too much.

Wall paintings
Paint at least one wall wall with a picture that fits the theme of your desired teenager. A beach scene with sand, water and sun umbrellas completes a beach theme. A mural painted with palm trees, ocean and sky complete an exotic theme. Paint a wall to look like an urban skate park or snowy ski runs if this is more of your teen’s style.

Paint a wall or invite your teenager’s friends to help paint the wall to look like a brick wall with graffiti sprayed on it. Keep words and pictures age. Words can be arranged in advance, such as “love”, “peace”, “dream” and “believe.” Or, you can let your teen and his friends write what they want with the condition that he must If the paint is too permanent for you, consider painting a wall with blackboard paint and let teens draw on the walls as it can easily be erased.

Hang fabric on the wall instead of painting if your teenager would have preferred something different, or be able to change with less hassle. For example, a furry material can cover an entire wall and introduce a funky zebra or cheetah. Hang different materials replacing the woodwork on the lower walls, such as thin bamboo rods, sea rush, inexpensive mosaic tiles or metal that can also hold magnets.

Wall decoration
Adapt the unusual elements to serve shelves or embellish the walls. Truckless skateboards or wheels or surfboards cut in half can serve as wall shelves. Peel and sticky wall stick can bring color, design and funky without doing anything permanent. Simply remove the wall stickers when it’s time to update the decor of your teen’s room.

Cool, Great ideas for the walls of the teen room
Bring a little class and creativity to a space reserved for teenagers without a lot of money. Adolescents like to personalize their room and choosing a decor that reflects their personality

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The Mosquito Repellent

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Why does the mosquito bite us?

Feeding her eggs

As with wasps and bees, it is the female mosquitoes that are responsible for the bites in humans. After mating, the female goes hunting to collect the blood of mammals to find the source of protein needed to feed her eggs.

Forty-eight hours after the meal, the fertilized females deposit their eggs on the surface of stagnant water (ponds, streams, puddles …). Water is absolutely necessary for the development of the eggs of the mosquito: a wetland will not suffice. This sequence “reproduction-puncture-laying” is repeated several times during the life of the mosquito. The duration and frequency of the cycle depends on the species but it is estimated that the common mosquito reproduces this cycle twice a week in summer. A bite is large enough to cover the protein requirements of eggs: it is therefore wrong to think that a mosquito can be responsible for several bites during the night. The sting, usually nocturnal (usually at dawn or dusk) and painless, lasts about three minutes if the mosquito is not disturbed.

Finding your prey

No need to turn off the light to avoid them, the mosquito spotted its target through its smell. It is first able to sense the presence of carbon dioxide (emitted by breathing and sweating of living beings) at more than thirty meters away. The closer it gets, the more it will detect human odors composed of fatty acids (sebum, butyric acid), lactic acids or other ammonia emitted by the skin, such as breath or urine. When it is close to the human skin, it uses thermoreceptors. These infrared heat detectors will allow him to find the vein, warmer, inside which he will draw the blood needed for his eggs. The visual system, especially sensitive to movements, is in fact very poorly performing.

Why does it scratch?

How does a bite work?

When the mosquito is in place, it pushes its stylets through the skin into the vein of the man. Thanks to a first channel, formed by the hypopharynx, it injects saliva which prevents the blood from coagulating in its proboscis. He can thus quietly aspirate, thanks to the second channel, the blood remained fluid. The amount of blood sampled then varies from 5 to 10 mm 3. When the mosquito has finished his meal, he leaves as he has come: without worrying about what is happening in the human organism.

Immune system on alert

The mosquito has therefore not dispersed an anesthetic in the body, as is often said. His saliva, which was only intended to stabilize the blood platelets, will have a quite different effect. Faced with the presence of this unknown substance, our immune system puts itself on alert and sends mast cells to the front line. These cells have the ability to detect foreign substances, and explode to their contact to protect the body. In bursting, they release massively histamine, which causes the redness and itching that one knows. Other immune agents are then attracted and appear a small red button. It is a swelling of the skin filled with water: it should under no circumstances try to pierce it, under penalty of risking an infection.

This explains why bites usually scratch more in the spring than in late summer, where the body has gradually become accustomed to mosquito saliva.

Why does scratching do good?

One often repeats it enough: one must not scratch his bites of mosquitoes. Easier said than done … But why does scratching do as much good?

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Why You Should Still Needs Advisory Panel Decorative Ceiling For Your Home?


One of the things that make you think about changing your home decor because they look very boring for you. Therefore, it can be changed by replacing the plain plafon akustik using a ceiling that is more decorative. Ceiling like this has been produced using a variety of materials that will be able to fulfill the purpose of their use. Although their main purpose is decorative, they actually can serve as insulation and can drown out the sound or noise coming from another room.

Then, let us now look at one example the room that really needed more decorative ceiling design. During the heyday of disco music, the use of textured ceiling has to be one thing that is very popular and widely used because they can help reduce the noise emanating from the music in the disco area. But, textured ceiling can also capture dust easily but they are very difficult to clean. Therefore, by using the panel will be able to assist you in restoring the beauty that is in your ceiling. In addition, it also can help you in the availability of insulation for your home. So that your room will not be too hot and not too cold in winter. They also can help you be able to sleep soundly when the evenings.

Panel ceiling has now come up with a lot more decorative forms in a variety of shapes and styles. And the latter will also be able to help you give a visual scheme that will continuously mounted in your ceiling. In addition, the ceiling panels can also install with using patterns metallic paint and patterns. For those of you who have a full house with artistic value, you can also purchase a white ceiling panel and a wide selection of colors to suit your taste.

As mentioned earlier, this panel is made of various materials that will meet your every need. Looking panel is easy to install? You can choose to use PVC panel, which will only require a special adhesive. Make sure that your ceiling has a flat surface.

Then, if you need a room that can be soundproofed, all you need is a ceiling panel with acoustic elements. The panels are very idel is when they are made of styrofoam or polystyrene. Additionally, you can also install them directly on the ceiling with the use of nails, staples or simply using an adhesive. On the other hand, you can also choose to use suspended ceilings. Installation of the ceiling was indeed noticeably more difficult because you also need to create a hollow space between the real ceiling and various panel at the bottom of them.

Currently there are many panels that you can choose. It is only used to ensure they will be placed above the ceiling that you have today. Textured ceiling this time you can also sandpaper in order to look flat. Or you can create a hanging ceiling that uses wood panel original and the clone using a metal ceiling. In addition, do not forget to check in advance to decorative ceiling panels can find a variety of styles and designs that can suit according to the budget you have.

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Top 4 Killers Weather


Tornado and storm did tremendous damage and usually get a lot of attention in the mainstream media. But despite their dramatic appearance, they are not the most lethal weapons in the warehouse Mother Nature. This article will identify the most potent killer weather and what you can do to survive them.

# 1 Extreme Cold

This is not a dramatic and very easy to predict. Despite this extreme cold weather tops our list, kill 680 per year – more deaths than all other extreme weather combined. Do not be caught unprepared. Blizzard and Winter Storm Warnings are often issued 24 hours in advance. Pay attention to the local weather forecast or NOAA Weather Radio channels. Have extra blankets and winter gear in your vehicle during the winter months.

# 2 Extreme Heat

At the other end of the spectrum, but just as deadly is Extreme Heat. Heat-stroke, heat exhaustion, and heat-related illnesses more covering more than 350 deaths annually. As Extreme Cold, Extreme heat can also be easily avoided with some common sense. Closely monitor infants and the elderly during extreme heat. They are very risky. If you must be outside, drink plenty of water (16-32oz per hour) and avoid unnecessary physical activity during peak hours (noon-05: 00).

# 3 Flood

Slow-rising water flow may not look threatening, but looks can be deceiving. floods kill 100 people each year in the US The main reason why people die in the waters of the flood was because they were swept away and drowned trying to pass flood flows. Never try to cross a flowing water more than 6 inches. If the depth is unknown, avoid it altogether. In an evacuation situation, seek high ground (using your topographical map) or the Interstate are usually built several feet above the ground.

# 4 Lightning

Known as “underrated killer”, Lightning ranked # 4 on our list with 60-90 deaths and 500 injuries every year – more than the combined Tornado and Storm. There is much confusion about jasa topografi when and where lightning can strike. Important rule is this: If thunder can be heard, you are at risk of being attacked. The majority of lightning casualties occur when people continue outdoor activities too quickly after the storm has passed. their flawed reasoning, “it stopped raining, we could back out now”. Consider that lightning can strike ten miles from the base of the storm. To avoid tragedy, you must wait at least 30 minutes after the storm has passed before returning to the outside.

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Google History


The word comes from the Google Googlo. The word was coined by Milton Sirotta, nephew Edward Kasner a mathematician from the US. Sirotta terms Googlo to mention the number 1 (one) followed by 100 the number 0 (zero), therefore the use of the word Google is a Reflection of Googlo said.

But do you know, Google is not only unique original saying. Google also has a unique historical background. Google was born of a meeting of two young men who happened by accident in 1995 ago. Larry Page, an alumnus of the University of Michigan (24), who was enjoying a weekend visit, accidentally met with Sergey Brin, one of the students (23) were given the task of delivering around Lary.

In a meeting earlier accidentally, Google’s two founders are often involved lengthy discussions. Both have different opinions and views that are often involved in the debate. However, the difference in their thinking would produce a unique approach in solving one of the biggest challenges in the world of computers. Namely, the problem of how to recover data from massive data sets.

In January 1996, Larry and Sergey began to collaborate in making search engine called BackRub. A year later, their unique approach of network analysis BackRub’s reputation. The news about the new techniques of search engine instantly spread across the campus.
Larry and Sergey continued to enhance Google technologies throughout early 1998. They also began looking for investors to develop the technological sophistication of Google.

Coincidently. They received an injection of funds from college friends, Andy Bechtolsheim, a founder of Sun Microsystems. Meeting they occurred in the early morning on the porch of the faculty student dormitories Stanford, in Palo Alto. Larry and Sergey give a brief demo because Andy does not have a long time.

Through the demo Andy agreed to provide financial assistance in the form of a check for 100 thousand dollars. Unfortunately, the check was written on behalf of Google. And then the company called Google has not been established by Sergey and Larry.

Investment from Andy becomes a dilemma. Larry and Sergey did not compose poem may check for no legal institution called the company Google. Therefore, Google’s two founders have returned to work hard in seeking investment. They are looking for funding from among family, friends and colleagues to finally accumulated fund of about $ 1 million. And finally, Google the company can be established on 7 Septembar 1998 and was officially opened in Menlo Park, California.

Google’s mission is, “to collect the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Google’s philosophy includes slogans like “Don`t be evil”, and “Work should menatang and the challenge should be fun”, describes the relaxed corporate culture.

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Want to Work Fast? Join Heavy Equipment School


A heavy equipment training school provides everything you need to make it big in the world of work. According to recent media reports, there has been an explosion in the demand for heavy equipment operators as the mining activity has been intense in many countries.

Countries that managed to escape the recession are those who have been involved in mining activities is strong. In countries such as Australia job opportunities for operators of heavy machinery has been considerably improved since they have extended their exports to China.

A heavy equipment operation school puts candidates through a grueling training session but at the same time ensure that the candidate has always managed to find a job easily with major employers in the block.

In the training program with school equipment surgery candidates are given the opportunity to actually operate machinery construction in a variety of environments such as – rocky terrain, slope, mines, and sometimes in places where disasters such as earthquakes or landslides have caused disruption of life normal civilian.

Although, the construction work was suspended in several states during the winter, but this is still the equipment operator may have to use rental alat berat semarang scrapers or bulldozers if they have to clean the dirt and snow from the road to make it suitable for general use. pile driver operators are specially trained to mount their large machines on a barge, gliding, and are taught how to hammer the pile.

With the world’s major construction companies to expand their operations on an international basis, the job prospects for heavy machine operators are in progress. Employers always want to recruit heavy equipment operation as a candidate school graduates have always managed to handle vocational challenges much better.

Training modules in heavy equipment training schools allow graduates to perform better inspections and setting up machinery parts. They are also able to perform maintenance and repair is a complex machine as the situation may demand.

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Fan Monte Carlo is a Perfect Choice For Your Home Interior Design


Monte Carlo ceiling fan is largely fit into the model any decor in your home. Not infrequently many people home who feel they have very flawless design by using this type of fan of this one. But of course, to get a nice interior design, this all must be from the owner of the house itself. They will feel more happy when the results of the design was derived from their own ideas. Moreover, not infrequently there are many homeowners who accidentally mix up everything that is on their mind. They innovate and imagination to be able to get a very nice room design according to their thinking course.

Monte Carlo Fan Company has been around for more than a decade. The company was opened in 1996 and has focused on a commitment that the design quality can be achieved without sacrificing performance. Not only companies producing plafon akustik of high quality but they also designed the fans to go accessorize any room beautifully. The conventional style of Monte Carlo Fan Company produces fans to reflect trends in home decor.

When you decide to decorate or redecorate your home design. many decisions that you can take to make your ideas a reality. The first thing to remember is to decide what kind of design you want to then you find out everything so that your ideas can be realized. Therefore, Monte Carlo is now coming to be a solution for you. The design is very beautiful from a ceiling fan can be applied easily and can be integrated with various designs of existing space in your house. Additionally, you will easily find various designs fan of monte carlo that you can customize to your liking itself.

It is not good enough to pick the ceiling fan to be seen; You have to see the quality of the fan as well. You must choose a fan that will look great in the room you have selected but also works great and produces the correct airflow for that room. Monte Carlo is known not only for their beautiful designs with also for the quality of work put into each and every one of the fans.

Currently the Monte Carlo fans already come up with various models. The Naturals Monte Carlo became one ceiling fan are widely collected by collectors the fan itself. Then, if you want to create a natural feel of your home, you can easily avail the ceiling fan’s monte carlo. Moreover, this fan also has design sharp knife or large, so the wind generated by them so great and it is really cold.

If you are redecorating or decorating an outdoor area you might want to consider a collection of ceiling fans open. ceiling fans are designed to handle outdoor areas and can also go great with the theme exit door. If you want to make a Victorian feel to the collection chamber Ornate Monte Carlo is perfect for you. This collection does not have a replica of the ceiling fan Victoria but reminded them.

The force is in Monte Carlo ceiling fan has now changed with the times there. But the quality of them still remain the same and will never change. In fact, many companies that take pride in producing them. With Monte Carlo you can watch a room transform before your eyes. ceiling fan at this can set the mood for each room.

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10 Type Cat Most Expensive in the World


The most expensive type of cat in the world was initially held by the Persian cat with its eloquence. However, over the era that gave birth to a new race cats, the position displaced meringsek down little by little. And the following is a list of 10 types of the most expensive cat in the world in 2011 that we can from the site.

Bengal cat

Born from the cross cat American Shorthair cat Asian Leopard Cat, the Bengal cat bringing an element of “wild” into a pet. No doubt if the cat has become the candidate of the most expensive cat in the world. Bengal cats are the standard price around millions to tens of millions of rupiah. To know more about this exotic cats, please read Know Cats Bengal

Savannah cats

Purebred cat is one result of the development of the Bengal cat. Touted as the domestic cat breed which has the longest body size, these cats are priced at a quite fantastic. Savannah cats price is around $ 4,000 to $ 10,000 or the equivalent of 36-90 million rupiah. Information about this can be read cats in Cats Know Savannah.

Scottish Fold cat

With ear clasp leaf shape and hobby sitting in the position of Buddha, made this cat became one of the most adorable cats in the world. Price Scottish Fold cat is about hundreds of thousands of dollars. Information You can read more detail about this in Know Your cat Scottish Fold Cat

British Shorthair cat

Purebred cat is a domestic cat is the most popular in the UK recorded since 2001. His popularity already succeeded in displacing Persian cat in mainland Britain. British Shorthair cat price is around $ 500 to $ 1,000. To know more about this cat, please read Know British Shorthair Cat

Persian cat

Pet cat is the most popular in Indonesia at this time (2012). face with long fur and fluffy, making many people happy to maintain it. Price Persian cats tend to vary widely, ranging from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions. Regarding the Persian cat, you can read them in Persian Cats Know

Russian Blue cat

Cats coming from Russia is a kind of cat who can make friends with many other types of pets, including dogs. so, many people are willing to reach into his pocket deep to have a fluffy cat gray-blue. Russian Blue cat price is expected to reach $ 2,000. More you can read in Russian Blue Cats Know

Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon is not yet as popular as Persian cats and Exotic cats in Indonesia. But with the presence of several Cattery cats that breed this race, it is not impossible if the cat will soon become one of the most popular cat in Indonesia. Moreover, because of his large and elegant, but still tame. Maine Coon Cat price the cheapest I have ever encountered on the net is 1.5 million. However, based on information that we can price these cats are not more than $ 2,000. More details please refer to the article Maine Coon Cats Know

Siamese cat

Purebred cats coming from Thailand including cats lively, active and happy to be around humans. Price Siamese cats are the cheapest I have ever encountered on the net is 500 thousand rupiah. But the quality I do not know. As for the quality Siamese cat costs estimated at approximately $ 200 to $ 1,000. To get closer to the character of this cat, please read on Know Your Siamese Cat

Manx cat

Super short tails and even without a tail became the main feature of a purebred cat that comes from Britain’s. Manx cats usual price may be just around hundreds of dollars. But specifically for white Manx cat rare price can reach $ 4,000 or more. To learn more about purebred cat on this one, you can read them in Manx Cats Know

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Cut And Fill


Land engineering process is usually required when a construction project begins. In a chain of construction jobs, jobs cut and fill is a work related to digging and soil entrenchment maker for the purposes of the foundation. That’s why the heavy equipment needed in a project, so that the process of cut and fill can be done easily and in an appropriate manner.

One type of heavy equipment that is often used in the process of cut and fill is the excavator, which is an important tool in the process of excavation for the foundation – and is also an important tool for dig ground. In a construction project that requires excavator, people have recognized the importance of these tools.

Therefore, many construction projects that require information about rental excavator. Companies that provide heavy equipment rental Bali usually it provides a variety of tools to support the smooth construction, including excavators. Basically, the excavator is a tool that easily rented because there is a lot to offer.

To consider when renting an excavator from a construction company is: always check if the company leasing the tool provides complete support, the operator running the tool, the tool inspector, and also maintenance tools. All three are essential to be provided to maintain cut fill semarang while ensuring that leased excavator can be operated smoothly. Without carrying capacity of human resources to care for and run the excavator, a construction project is not going smoothly.

The next thing to consider is the availability of the excavator. Always check the excavator needs and adjust to the type of company-provided rent excavators. The online catalog will greatly help determine the choice. Therefore, those who intend to seek excavators for construction purposes must find a rental company that can provide a wide selection of excavators, ranging from small to large.

By finding the right rental company, cut and fill work becomes easy. Do not forget to always look for companies that can provide administration was recorded to facilitate all matters including those related to the contract.

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New Energy Star Ceiling Fan Indeed More Efficient


Having been in the business a ceiling fan for over 20 years, it is very rare that a new model of fan that can make me memorable. But, while it was in researching the various rankings that look more efficient this year, all the people’s choice to be the same. Midway Eco from Emerson Electric, which is a new Energy Star Ceiling armstrong indonesia impressive 300% More Efficient than any other brand fan. This time fan of this one produces a great breakthrough in the performance of their fans. In addition, they also implement the new standard. That ceiling fan that is energy efficient.

Emerson has also developed a similar thing with this. For artificial ceiling fan they called “EcoMotor TM”. The EcoMotor TM uses 75% less energy compared with a range of ceiling fan the other. They have a blade airfoil shape for aerodynamics that feels better. In addition, they can also suppress the air 40% more than other fans. As for the lamp itself, requiring only 13 watts in order to provide maximum illumination.

With this new innovation, Emerson Midway Eco can indeed far beyond various testing requirements set by the EPA. As another fact, the results of these tests have proved they are 300% more energy efficient than with a ceiling fan to another. This means Midway Eco will be able to move more air and using less electricity. It becomes an excellent choice for many of today’s consumer.

Although Emerson Midway Eco does not claim that it is 300% more efficient than many other fans, I make this observation alone after reviewing the test results issued by EPA, for ALL Energy Star Ceiling Fans with lights.

So that a ceiling fan still qualified, they must already comply with EPA standards on endurance test. But there is another thing that is very important that they all must already meet the standard testing procedures that have long been adopted by the EPA to be able to calculate how much the efficiency of existing on the fan. During this test, the sensor CFMS of fan air flow could produce record amount of electricity that has been used by them.

Traveller existing efficiency is calculated by dividing the CFMS has been manufactured by Watts. Various information that has been obtained is then affixed to the label on the packaging of the fan. Energy Star provides a variety of different standards for each model is different. As a comparison, they can indeed more energy efficient. It’s like you see indeed. There is a huge difference in the efficiency level contained in the Energy Star ceiling fan.

Here are my findings based on available data:

In total there have been 126 models of Energy Star ceiling fan that has been widely available in the market. This brings the total to 33 Energy Star ceiling fan with light quality available in the United States from all brands combined.

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